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We present the first experimental demonstration of a fully electronic system for the temporal magnification of signals in the ultra-wideband regime. The system employs a broadband analog multiplier and uses chirped electromagnetic-bandgap structures in microstrip technology to provide the required signal dispersion. The demonstrated system achieves a(More)
An iterative joint decoding algorithm for data gathering wireless sensor networks is proposed in where the correlation between sensorspsila data is considered as a global code and iterative decoding is performed by concatenating the global decoder with the decoder of error correcting code applied to encode sensors observations. We apply this algorithm for(More)
A power law relationship is established between wavelength usage and algebraic connectivity of backbone wavelength division multiplexing networks. From this observation, a concise prediction formula linking wavelength consumption to network topologies is derived and evaluated for real-world wide area networks. It is shown that the(More)
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