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In this paper, we investigate the control of an electromechanical actuator (EMA) system for aerofin control (AFC). The EMA is realized with permanent magnet brush DC motor controlled by constant current driver. Using nonlinear model of the EMA-AFC system that includes nonlinearities of the motor driver, a PID position controller is designed. In this paper(More)
BACKGROUND For the clinical planning of mass events the emergency departments are of critical importance, but there are still no data available for the workload in these cases. As this is essential for an effective medical preparation, we calculated the workload based on the ICD codes of the vicitims at the Loveparade 2010 in Duisburg. MATERIAL AND(More)
— The Dining Cryptographer network (or DC-net) is a privacy preserving communication protocol devised by David Chaum for anonymous message publication. A very attractive feature of DC-nets is the strength of its security, which is inherent in the protocol and is not dependent on other schemes, like encryption. Unfortunately the DC-net protocol has a level(More)
Abstract —The new definition of practical exponential tracking is shown. Practical tracking is defined by the output vector, which is different from former definitions, given by the output error vector. Defined exponential tracking is elementwise. The new criterion of practical exponential tracking is shown. On the basis of the new criteria, the control(More)
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