D. V. Koznov

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One of the most vital techniques in the context of software product line (SPL) evolution is refactoring – extracting and refining reusable assets and improving SPL architecture in such a way that the behavior of existing products remains unchanged. We extend the idea of SPL refactoring to technical documentation because reuse techniques could effectively be(More)
Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) approach is developing in connection with problems of UML practical usage. This approach is intended for faster development of new visual languages, graphics editors, and tools of code generation, oriented for various problem domains. Commonly, DSM approach is applied within the bounds of a single software company for(More)
Increasing complexity of software documentation calls for additional requirements of document maintenance. Documentation reuse can make a considerable contribution to solve this problem. This paper presents a method for fuzzy repetitions search in software documentation that is based on software clone detection. The search results are used for document(More)
Model-based software development tools should provide user-friendly navigation services to allow users browsing (show/hide and zoom in/zoom out) various model details in diagrams. This functionality is crucial in development of large-scale models. In this paper, we present an approach for formal definition of navigation services based on transformations. We(More)