D. V. Karthikeya Viswanath

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Hypothalamic serotonin (5-HT) is believed to have an inhibitory effect on food intake in a variety of species. To define more precisely the nature of this effect, this study investigated the effects of medial hypothalamic 5-HT injection on natural patterns of macronutrient intake in freely feeding rats. Serotonin (5-20 nmol) was injected directly into the(More)
Odontomas are the most common type of odontogenic tumors and generally they are asymptomatic. Frequently it may interfere with the eruption of the teeth. This is a case report of a compound composite odontoma in a 9 year old girl, which results in failure of eruption of the permanent upper right central incisor while the contralateral tooth had erupted. A(More)
The smear layer associated with endodontic instrumentation is currently thought to be a thin layer that occludes the orifices of the dentinal tubules and covers the intertubular dentin of the prepared canal wall. The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of ethylene glycol bis (beta-amino ethyl ether)-N, N, N', N'-tetra acetic acid (EGTA) and(More)
BACKGROUND Very few publications report on the relationship between 'salutogenesis', as measured by the concept of Sense of Coherence (SOC), and generally speaking an individual's overall oral health- related quality of life (OHRQL). To add to this, there is even lesser information regarding the behavioral aspect of dental anxiety. AIM The aim of the(More)
Children are uniquely susceptible to cranio facial trauma because of their greater cranial mass to body ratio. Below the age of 5, the incidence of pediatric facial fractures in relation to the total is very low ranging from 0.6-1.2%. Maxillo-facial injuries may be quite dramatic causing parents to panic and the child to cry uncontrollably with blood, tooth(More)
A methodology for real-time navigation of an all terrain vehicle capable of navigation between floors of a building mediated by a wireless sensor network is detailed in this paper. The map of the building is unknown to the robot. Sensor motes scattered in the building guide the robot to its desired destination. The guidance is in the form of specifying the(More)
Children aged 6-15 years old experience more injuries to their teeth and the injuries sustained are more serious as evidenced by a higher percentage of luxations, avulsions, fractures and dislocations. The mandible is the most frequently fractured facial bone and mandibular alveolar injuries have been reported to range between 8.1-50.6%. Those with(More)
UNLABELLED Restoration of primary teeth continues to be an important facet of restorative dentistry. In comparison to restorations in permanent dentition, the longevity of those in primary teeth is significantly different for all materials. This makes the assessment of these fillings as a separate group meaningful. As there is lack of supporting clinical(More)