D V Ercegovac

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Quantitative electroencephalographic (QEEG) analyses are presented for a group of 90 subjects recovering from polysubstance abuse (median = 90 days abstinent) who preferentially used cocaine. QEEGs showed significant decreases from normal in both absolute and relative delta power and decreased theta power in both absolute and relative power. Significantly(More)
This literature review indicates that professional drivers have excess cardiac risk that is not fully explained by standard risk factors. The contribution of occupation is suggested by two independent methods and by psychophysiological studies during on the job driving. Driving has been conceptualized as a threat-avoidance task. Stimuli encountered in(More)
We present a design of high-radix digit-slices for the implementation of on-line multiply-add operator (OMA). Our evaluation of performance and cost shows that speedups above 1.5 can be obtained with respect to radix 2 at reasonable increase in cost. The design and evaluation are based on the Xilinx FPGAs. We also discuss the use of OMAs modules in solving(More)
— In this paper, we present an implementation for the Complex Householder Transform, using complex number on-line arithmetic, based on adopting a redundant complex number system (RCNS) to represent complex operands as a single number. We present comparisons with (i) a real number on-line arithmetic approach, and (ii) a real number arithmetic parallel(More)
Arithmetic algorithms typically use broadcasting for the distribution of control data to all bit slices in the data path. Since routing delays grow as a function of fanout and routing distance, broadcasting delays grow as a function of precision in arithmetic implementations. Broadcasting in the critical path degrades performance and causes implementations(More)
  • Alexandre F Tenca, Milo, D Ercegovac, Mircea R Stan
  • 2007
| The theory and practice of up-only (or down-only) prescaled counters is well understood both in industry and in the academia. Until recently it was not known if the design of a fast and large up/down binary counters would be possible. This paper presents the theory and practical application of the concept in the design of a 64-bit up/down binary counter(More)
(20) with the gains of the individual fixed gain amplifiers combined for simplicity as L = A 2 1 A2 4 (A 4 0 A 4 1 A 2): (21) The overall loop gains remain closer to unity over a broader range of gain error and, hence, the circuit quality factor remains closer to the desired value. Positive one and two percent change in amplifier gains result in a 6.2 and(More)
This paper deals with the computation of reciprocals, square roots, inverse square roots, and some elementary functions using small tables, small multipliers, and for some functions, a nal \large" (almost full-length) multiplication. We propose a method that allows fast evaluation of these functions in double precision arithmetic. The strength of this(More)
We present a method, called the value-preserving (VP) method for reducing the amount of work when computing the value of a function at regularly spaced points. Th VP method uses the fact that if two argument values x and y have p common digits, then the values f(x) and f(y) computed with an on-line algorithm of delay have at least p ? common digits. We(More)