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The paper proposes a methodology of using artificial immune networks (aiNets) for a classification problem oriented to cancer outcome prediction on the basis of gene expression profiling. The aiNet is a discrete (iterative) computational model that adopts clonal selection and affinity maturation principles from biological immune systems. The treatment(More)
Recently the soft computing techniques have become an important alternative tool to conventional methods in modeling complex non-linear relationships. Since the electrochemical biosensors use an enzyme reaction for measuring different types of substrates, the pH and temperature influence strongly on the output signal of biosensors. The paper treats soft(More)
The paper treats fuzzy-logic-based modeling the influences of temperature and substrate concentration on the output current of biosensor for measurement of dopamine. Quantitative determination of dopamine in urine and plasma is very important for curing diseases like ganglioneuroma, schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, stress, burn-out syndrome, etc.(More)
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