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Circumscribed palmar or plantar hypokeratosis is a rare benign epidermal malformation of the skin. Clinically it shows asymptomatic, well-circumscribed, and depressed erythema persisting for many years on the palms or soles. Its main histopathologic feature shows a characteristic epidermal depression with an abrupt decrement in the thickness of the stratum(More)
BACKGROUND The vascular disrupting agent ombrabulin shows synergy with docetaxel in vivo. Recommended phase II doses were determined in a dose escalation study in advanced solid tumours. METHODS Ombrabulin (30-min infusion, day 1) followed by docetaxel (1-h infusion, day 2) every 3 weeks was explored. Ombrabulin was escalated from 11.5 to 42 mg m(-2) with(More)
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