D Thusius

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An analog computation technique is described for the determination of amplitudes and time constants of one or two exponentials captured with a transient recorder. The method is based on operator-controlled processing of the periodic analog output of the recorder with log-antilog circuitry. In many cases the accuracy of the analysis approaches that obtained(More)
The calculation of chemical relaxation amplitudes for a reaction mechanism involving an arbitrary number of thermodynamically independent steps is discussed. A formalism is developed which considerably reduces the computational labor required to derive expressions relating experimental amplitudes to thermodynamic functions and specific signal changes of(More)
From a careful steady-state kinetic study it is shown that the inhibition of L-lactate oxidation by cytochrome b2 with ferricyanide as acceptor is of the mixed competitive-noncompetitive type, indicating the formation of an active ternary complex between enzyme, substrate, and inhibitor. With a large excess of acceptor, the simplest formal mechanism(More)