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This paper investigates the use of feed-forward equalization (FFE) to combat performance limitations imposed by non-uniform channel characteristics in a wideband vector signal-modulated single-carrier radio-over-fiber (RoF) system at 60 GHz. A direct photonic QPSK modulator was implemented at 60 GHz and used in the system experiments. By combining photonic(More)
The common techniques used to measure traveling amplifier noise are typically difficult to implement and maintain. Specifically, these common techniques have several deficiencies that include: (1) requiring a large set of expensive test equipment; (2) reporting noise results that are sensitive to operator error; and (3) complications in maintaining(More)
A dual channel downconverter (DCD) technique was developed for measuring pulsed TWT phase and noise that reduces test time, offers ease of installation in TWT test sets, and is low-cost, supportable, stable, and accurate. Phase similarity measurements have shown excellent correlation with phase bridge measurements. The stability of DCD phase measurements(More)
Remote positioning of the ultra wide band (UWB) wireless technology based ranging systems using the radio over multimode fiber (RoMMF) technology is investigated here. The ranging accuracy of such a system with various fiber lengths is studied. Another aspect of the study involves the evaluation of the impact of a coexistent in-band wireless local area(More)
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