D. Thamizh Selvam

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Cloud computing is the next stage in evolution of the internet, which provides large amount of computing and storage to customers provisioned as a service over the internet. However, cloud computing facing so many security challenges due to the possible compromise or byzantine failures. In this paper, we focus on Ensuring data storage security in cloud(More)
Data storage is an important application of cloud computing, where clients can remotely store their data into the cloud. By uploading their data into the cloud, clients can be relieved from the burden of local data storage and maintenance. This new paradigm of data storage service also introduces new security challenges. One of these risks that can attack(More)
Distributed Denial of Service attacks has become prevalent in the context of ever growing Internet. Numerous attacks have taken place in the past and numerous solutions have been suggested. Intrusion detection and filtering are necessary mechanisms to combat against these attacks and secure networks. However, the existing detection techniques for DDoS(More)
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