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Circumcision in children is followed by severe pain. This study analysed retrospectively anesthetic techniques of 110 children from 17 months to 14 years old who had undergone ambulatory of 24 h stay circumcision. There were two groups of patients: one being operated on under locoregional techniques combined with general anesthesia (53.6%), the other one(More)
A double blind study has been carried out on patients scheduled for appendicectomy. They were divided into two groups who were given diazepam as premedication either orally or intramuscularly. The clinical effects were measured with regard to anxiolysis, gastric contents volume and acidity. Orally premedicated patients were not significantly less anxious.(More)
Intramuscular methohexital sedation was retained as an easy and reliable method to sedate children for a C.T. scan. In this retrospective study of 50 cases of children aged from 2 months to 7 years all the children were administrated an oral premedication (diazepam: 1 drop/kg and atropine: 0.02 mg.kg-1) one hour before the scanner examination. Once in the(More)
INTRODUCTION Why do caregivers working in psychiatry seem to wonder about their practices, in front of the recent mediatisation of patient education in France? Do our educational practices meet the needs and the expectations of patients and their families? These questions led us to carry out this qualitative and prospective study concerning the(More)
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