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OBJECTIVES To identify differences in health-related quality of life among women veterans who were raped, physically assaulted (not in the context of rape or domestic violence), both, or neither during military service. METHODS We did a cross-sectional telephone survey of a national sample of 558 women veterans who served in Vietnam and subsequent eras of(More)
  • Owen Barder, Nancy Birdsall, +11 authors Laurie Lee
  • 2009
The political economy of aid agencies is driven by incomplete information and multiple competing objectives and confounded by principal-agent and collective-action problems. Policies to improve aid rely too much on a planning paradigm that tries to ignore, rather than change, the political economy of aid. A considered combination of market mechanisms,(More)
We develop a theory of governments' strategic choice in delegating aid to multiple multilateral aid institutions (MAIs). Although delegation of aid to MAIs increases the overall value of development aid, governments do not benefit from this efficiency if the de facto MAI development strategies do not fall in line with the government's own allocation(More)
Researchers believe that seeing information on aid projects and development indicators, like poverty, presented in the form of a map will lead policymakers to allocate aid most efficiently. Using a randomized online experiment, we investigated the effect of data presentation on aid allocation decisions. In addition, we also explored the extent to which(More)
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