D. T. Nguyen

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Morgagni hernias are unusual congenital diaphragmatic hernias that are generally asymptomatic and discovered incidentally. Surgical treatment is indicated once the diagnosis is made. These hernias have traditionally been repaired by the open abdominal or thoracic approaches. We report a case of Morgagni hernia repaired successfully(More)
In a cooperative diversity relay network, amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying protocol in conjunction with maximum likelihood detection at the destination has proved to be quite competitive to other relaying protocols. The statistical analysis of the fading end-to-end channel gain of the AF relaying protocol, however, is well known as extremely complex, and(More)
We introduce the task of visualizing distributed semantic representations by generating images from word vectors. Given the corpus-based vector encoding the word broccoli, we convert it to a visual representation by means of a cross-modal mapping function, and then use the mapped representation to generate an image of broccoli as " dreamed " by the(More)