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We study in this paper the performance of a tree-based radial-basis function (TB-RBF) network when applied to video classification. In this network, the result of a binary classification tree is used to configure and to initialise the structure of the RBF network. Video shots in a database are classified into four video genres: sport, news, scenery, and(More)
Most lightweight ad-hoc routing authentication protocols based on hash-chain method face the latency issue. This is because the late disclosure of predecessor key in the hash-chain leads to delayed authentication. Moreover, routing authentication approaches usually ignore or assume a prior key management as a working condition. In this paper, we integrate a(More)
In a cooperative diversity relay network, amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying protocol in conjunction with maximum likelihood detection at the destination has proved to be quite competitive to other relaying protocols. The statistical analysis of the fading end-to-end channel gain of the AF relaying protocol, however, is well known as extremely complex, and(More)
Key management using threshold cryptography has proved its advantages by eliminating the dependence on an online central authority. However, some previous models are not suitable due to the inflexibility in dealing with keys. Moreover, solutions for those models are not complete; there are still vulnerabilities for attacks, especially DoS attacks. This(More)
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