D. Subhramanya Sharma

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Two case reports are presented of Lisfranc fractures. There have been many incidents of missed injury in the past and the radiographs are reproduced here together with the important radiographic features. Early diagnosis and orthopaedic referral are necessary because operative treatment is often required.
Communication is one of the basic necessities of human beings. File transfer is one of the basic forms of communication. Reliability is the key issue raised due to complex nature of network and growth of computer science. In this paper we have devised a technique for file transfer which identifies whether some portion of the file is received corrupt or not,(More)
Data fragmentation and Secret sharing approaches have been used in distributed storage systems to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information. Data fragmentation refers to approaches like erasure coding. To achieve performance goals in data accesses, these data fragmentation approaches can be combined with dynamic(More)
This study evaluates consensus among Australian auditors in performing internal control evaluations. It extends previous international studies by utilising sufficient cues to enable valid assessment, by including all elements of internal control structure concurrently, and by using appropriate subjects. Ninety-four practicing auditors, representing five(More)
While the pass rate for this examination is relatively high compared to previous postgraduate examinations such as membership or fellowship (of whichever college) it should still not be underestimated. It is true that those who have been through a recognised training scheme should pass and failure reflects upon the scheme as well as the candidate, but the(More)
PurposeThis study examines the association between Big 4 affiliated auditors and accruals quality in Bangladesh. MotivationBangladesh is an emerging economy and international audit firms operate there through affiliated local audit firms. The Bangladesh audit market can be characterized as an intensely competitive small audit market with relatively poor(More)
This paper examines the effects of motivational and informational roles of budget participation on performance. A structural model is proposed which includes variables such as budget participation, job-relevant information, budget goal commitment, and budgetary and overall job performance. The data were collected by survey questionnaires. Seventynine(More)
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