D. Steinfeld

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BACKGROUND HER-2/neu overexpression appears to be associated with improved response to anthracycline-based chemotherapy, but its association with response to taxane-based chemotherapy is unclear. In this retrospective subset analysis of patients with metastatic breast cancer enrolled in a randomized treatment trial, we investigated the response of patients(More)
BACKGROUND The ADEBAR study is a prospective multicenter Phase III trial to examine whether high-risk breast cancer patients > or =4 involved axillary lymph nodes) benefit from a sequential anthracycline-docetaxel regimen compared to standard chemotherapy with anthracyclines. With a median recruitment of 33 patients per month at 198 actively-recruiting(More)
587 Background: ADEBAR is a multicenter phase III trial to evaluate whether breast cancer (BC) pts with > 3 axillary lymph metastases benefit from a sequential anthracycline-docetaxel regimen (E90C-D: 4 cycles epirubicin [E] 90 mg/m2 plus cyclophosphamide [C] 600 mg/m2 q21 days followed by 4 cycles docetaxel [D] 100mg/m2 q21 days) compared to dose-intensive(More)
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