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Placenta percreta is a sub-type of placenta accreta in which this organ invades the whole uterine wall and affects the adjacent organs. It is a condition with a high surgical risk which generally requires an obstetric hysterectomy. We present the case of a 36 year-old pregnant woman diagnosed with placenta percreta with bladder and intestinal invasion. She(More)
emos leído con gran interés los últimos artículos publicaos en la Revista Española de Anestesiología y Reanimación sobre la nalgesia posoperatoria tras una cesárea1. Esta intervenión presenta una progresiva tendencia al alza en las últimas écadas. Su incidencia se sitúa entre el 15-30% de los naciientos, según el área geográfica. El dolor posoperatorio es(More)
INTRODUCTION To compare the efficacy of a multimodal analgesia with 2 different techniques (femoral nerve block with a single dose and continuous femoral nerve block) in the control of pain, use of opioids, and secondary effects in patients subjected to total knee replacement. MATERIAL AND METHODS A prospective randomised study of patients subjected to(More)
Transoral laser CO2 microsurgery is becoming an increasing used treatment option for cancer of the larynx and the pharynx. Amongst the advantages it has compared to open surgery and radiotherapy are, it less invasiveness, greater precision, better functional preservation of the organ, and less procedure-associated morbidity. However, this surgical technique(More)