D. Sorenson

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A canonical form for a pair of real symmetric matrices that generate a nonsingular pencil. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 14:189{209, 1976. 50 F. Uhlig. A rational pair form for a nonsingular pair of real symmetric matrices over an arbitrary eld F with Char F 6 = 2 and applications. Habilitationsschrift, Universit at W urzburg, 1976. 51 F. Uhlig.(More)
Clinical decision support systems (CDS) can interpret detailed treatment protocols for ICU care providers. In open-loop systems, clinicians can decline protocol recommendations. We capture their reasons for declining as part of ongoing, iterative protocol validation and refinement processes. Even though our protocol was well-accepted by clinicians overall,(More)
Since 1995 we have been developing a decision-support model, called Q-ID, which uses a series of infectious disease knowledge bases to make recommendations for empirical treatment or to check the appropriateness of current antibiotic therapy. From disease manifestations and risk factors, a differential diagnosis for the patient is generated by a diagnostic(More)
We describe the use of a frame-based knowledge representation to construct an adequately-explicit bedside clinical decision support application for ventilator weaning. The application consists of a data entry form, a knowledge base, an inference engine, and a patient database. The knowledge base contains database queries, a data dictionary, and decision(More)
INTRODUCTION We evaluated the feasibility of using an electronic protocol developed for research use (Research-eProtocol-insulin) for blood glucose management in usual intensive care unit clinical practice. METHODS We implemented the rules of Research-eProtocol-insulin in the electronic medical record of the Intermountain Healthcare hospital system(More)
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