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We describe the hardware and software extensions that transform a PC-based low-cost FPGA system into a reconngurable engine for real-time video processing. The hardware extensions include a daughter board for the FPGA system which handles analog and digital colour video conversion. The software extensions include reusable libraries, development tools and a(More)
We examined 92 normal eyes using Javal Ophthalmometer and Corneal Analysis System (EyeSys) intending to compare the keratometric readings obtained by these two instruments. Dioptric power and location at flatter and steeper meridians, keratometric astigmatism values, and average central keratometric power were measured in the central cornea of all eyes.(More)
Corneal topographic hardware was used to develop software analysis for configuration and localization of relaxing astigmatic arcuate incisions. The software is based on the assessment of the results of corneal topographic measurements, performed by the EyeSys Corneal Analysis System. Data assessment includes: A) plotting the dioptric power curves along the(More)
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