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Using simple successive tasks we assessed the influence of Alzheimer's disease on the processing of different odours. Fifteen patients with Alzheimer's disease, 15 old control subjects and 15 young control subjects were tested. The experiment included two sessions. Initially 12 odorants were presented, one odorant every minute. For each odour the subjects(More)
30 patients with acute onset of memory disturbances and visual impairment (cortical blindness or hemianopsia) are reported. For all of them, there was evidence of posterior cerebral artery ischemia. This clinical syndrome is compared with Dide and Botcazo's case report. The amnesia never recovered in 17 patients and was transient in 13 patients: in 4 of(More)
The aim of our approach was to improve the memory of head injured memory impaired people without associated intellectual deterioration. Subjects participated in group each weekday during ten weeks. The aim of strategies was to help the patient of recovery learning strategies. Exercises can be repeated to produce the use of learning strategies in the real(More)
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