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A case of aortic dissection at 37 weeks of gestation is presented with demonstration of angiographic and pathological findings. A review of clinical and pathological literature suggests, that rupture of aortic dissecting aneurysms occurs more frequently in women being pregnant than in non-pregnant women of the same age. Women with cardial malformations,(More)
Gleichfalls signifikant ist der Anstieg pathologischer TPA Werte (> 85 U/l) von 30% (T1) auf 50% (T3/4). In Abh/ingigkeit vom Lymphknotenbefall zeigt sich gleichfalls eine Zunahme positiver Markerbefunde wobei bei NO Tumoren nur 8% CEA und Ca15-3 positiv sind. TPA ist im NO Stadium in 34% erh6ht. Bei N2/3 Stadien steigt der Anteil auf 13% fiir CEA, 36% ffir(More)
Tumorous manifestations of myelosis with or without leukemia are rarely seen today as they appear at a very late stage of the disease. They are of importance to the gynecologist in the differential diagnoses concerning the breast, the endometrium and uterus, the placenta and the fetus. The case report of a myeloreticulosis of the uterus, three years after(More)
In 86 woman patients having a histologically confirmed carcinoma of the breast we examined during primary treatment the CA 15-3 data in the compartments serum, cytosol and a membrane fraction. Low CA 15-3 levels in the serum combined with high concentrations in cytosol and the membrane fraction were associated with a good prognosis, whereas a poor prognosis(More)
107 patients with alcoholic liver disease (alcoholic fatty liver,n=24), alcoholic hepatitis with and without pseudolobular formation (n=17 andn=49 respectively) and with alcoholic cirrhosis (n=17) were followed up for several years both histologically and biochemically. Patients with fatty liver ingested daily 140 g of alcohol (60–260 g) for 13.5 years(More)
In contrast to earlier operating standards some authors have in the past few years, also removed pelvic lymphnodes when ovarian cancer was diagnosed. From 26 of our patients suffering from ovarian cancer, one third proved to have positive lymphnodes, when pelvic lymphonodectomy was carried out. Our data, along with-data from other authors, were reviewed and(More)