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The buried Chicxulub impact structure in Mexico, which is linked to the Cretaceous- Tertiary (K-T) boundary layer, may be significantly larger than previously suspected. Reprocessed gravity data over Northern Yucatan reveal three major rings and parts of a fourth ring, spaced similarly to those observed at multiring impact basins on other planets. The outer(More)
To compare discourse differences in American and English/Welsh legal cases, we conducted a discriminant function analysis along five indices of cohesion on a specially constructed corpus. Our results suggest substantial differences, casting doubt on previous generalizations about British and American writing. Our results also offer guidance to developers of(More)
Estimates of emissions of SO2, NOx, HCl and NH3 have been made for a densely populated region of the UK, the North-West of England, using data on power generation, incinerator plant capacity, fuel usage and animal and human population statistics. The spatial distributions of SO2 and NOx emissions are quite different, reflecting their different source(More)
The shortage of nursing faculty and the need for MSN-prepared faculty to have access to doctoral education and remain in their teaching roles has resulted in a growing number of nurse education programs moving online. A better understanding of how best to support faculty during this transition is needed. This case study describes the experiences of faculty(More)
Orographic enhancement of wet deposition arising from thèseeder-feeder' e€ect is, by necessity, highly parametrised in long-range transport models of acid deposition that are long-term (i.e. annual average) and spatially resolved at tens of kilometres. Here, we describe a mechanistic approach to the incorporation of these mechanisms into such a model. The(More)
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