D. Schweizer

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Structure-activity relationship on a novel ketone class of H(3)R antagonists/inverse agonists is disclosed. Compound 4 showed excellent target potency, selectivity and brain penetration. Evaluation of antagonist 4 in the rat EEG/EMG model demonstrated robust wake activity thereby establishing preclinical proof of concept.
Cooperative software engineering requires integration of a distributed and heterogeneous world of actors and resources. Component technology will augment integration problems due to distributed development of large numbers of interoperating components. Extensible Attribute Grammars (EAG) are used for the specification and generation of highly integrated(More)
In this paper we explore possibilities to solve the index tracking problem with Invasive Weed Optimization (IWO), a rather new metaheuristics algorithm. The complexity of this real life problem and especially its solution space and restrictions require substantial adaptation of the IWO algorithm. Although the method basically works well, the obtained(More)
We report the nucleotide sequence of trnI and rpl23 of Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplast DNA. In higher plant chloroplast genomes, rpl23 has been described as part of a cluster of ribosomal proteins (L23-L2-S19-L22S3-L16-L14-S8-L36-S11) which is located at the junction of the large single copy region (LSQ and the Inverted Repeat B (IRB) (1,2). The(More)
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