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Mutations in ASPM (abnormal spindle-like microcephaly associated) cause primary microcephaly in humans, a disorder characterized by a major reduction in brain size in the apparent absence of nonneurological anomalies. The function of the Aspm protein in neural progenitor cell expansion, as well as its localization to the mitotic spindle and midbody, suggest(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare carbon dioxide-digital subtraction arteriographic (CO2-DSA) images of renal artery anatomy with standard iodinated contrast arteriographic (ICA) images. DESIGN One hundred patients with vascular disease who required abdominal aortography were evaluated by both CO2-DSA and ICA modalities. Two blinded readers interpreted arteriograms(More)
The decision for nonoperative treatment of abdominal stab wounds is usually based on clinical examination findings. It is important, however, to identify patients who may suffer occult injuries and, therefore, be benefited from further diagnostic evaluation. Isolated penetrating gallbladder injuries may produce minimal symptoms initially. A high index of(More)
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