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UNLABELLED BACKGROUND; Prosthetic valve replacement in a small aortic root without annulus enlargement raises concern about its long-term benefits. METHODS Between July 1979 and June 1994, 104 (18%) of 593 patients underwent aortic valve replacement using the 19-mm St. Jude Medical heart valve prosthesis. There were 93 women and 11 men, with a mean age of(More)
Prosthetic aortic valve replacement in the small aortic root raises concerns of its long-term effects. Between 1978 and 1994, 270 patients received only small aortic prostheses (< or = 21 mm). There were 117 men (43.3%) and 153 women (56.7%) with a mean age of 64.3 +/- 11.6 years (range 19 to 87 years). The body surface areas ranged from 1.2 to 2.26 m2(More)
We compared and contrasted the potentials of palliation afforded by various management methods in a retrospective study of all patients referred to one surgical team in a 20-year period. Five hundred thirty-seven patients had unresectable oesophageal cancer. There were five treatment groups: group 1-dilatation plus external radiotherapy (DXR, n = 95), group(More)
  • Shobha lokhande, D. Sawant, Nazneen Sayyad, Mamata Yengul
  • 2012
Biometric as well as Password security to voter accounts is provided using Cryptography and Stenography. For implementing this, cover image is used for Stenography and key is used for Cryptography. The basic concept is to merge the secret key with the cover image on the basis of key image which results a stego image, which looks quite similar to the cover(More)
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