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Cloud Data Servers is the novel approach for providing secure service to e-business .Millions of users are surfing the Cloud for various purposes, therefore they need highly safe and persistent services. Usually hackers target particular Operating Systems or a Particular Controller. Inspiteof several ongoing researches Conventional Web Servers and its(More)
Cloud computing provides ample opportunity in many areas such as fastest image transmission, secure and efficient imaging as a service. In general users needs faster and secure service. Usually Image Compression Algorithms are not working faster. In spite of several ongoing researches, Conventional Compression and its Algorithms might not be able to run(More)
In this new millennium most of the transactions depend on wireless network. In this context highly secured transaction of information is the need of the hour. During the transaction there must not be any loss of information or there should be no intrusion to assure the secured data transmission. There are several approaches available for fixed network(More)
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