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The cortical layer 1 contains mainly small interneurons, which have traditionally been classified according to their axonal morphology. The dendritic morphology of these cells, however, has received little attention and remains ill defined. Very little is known about how the dendritic morphology and spatial distribution of these cells may relate to(More)
Plasma treatment is a method to modify the physicochemical properties of biomaterials, which consequently may affect interactions with cells. Based on the rationale that physical cues on the surface of culture substrates and implants, such as surface roughness, have proven to alter cell behaviour, we used electrospinning to fabricate fibrous(More)
Many studies have shown the influence of soluble factors and material properties on the differentiation capacity of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) cultured as monolayers. These types of two-dimensional (2D) studies can be used as simplified models to understand cell processes related to stem cell sensing and mechano-transduction in a three-dimensional(More)
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