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Dynamical processes are commonly investigated using laser pump-probe experiments, with a pump pulse exciting the system of interest and a second probe pulse tracking its temporal evolution as a function of the delay between the pulses. Because the time resolution attainable in such experiments depends on the temporal definition of the laser pulses, pulse(More)
Hematite (a-Fe 2 O 3) has demonstrated value as an important material component in several advanced technological applications, including heterogeneous catalysis, [1] photoelec-trochemistry, [2,3] dyes and stains, [4] magnetic data storage, [5] and room-temperature magnetic semiconductors. [6,7] The structure and properties of hematite also have critical(More)
S St ta at tu us s o of f m mo od de el ll li in ng g f fo or r n na an no os sc ca al le e i in nf fo or rm ma at ti io on n p pr ro oc ce es ss si in ng g a an nd d s st to or ra ag ge e d de ev vi ic ce es s a a During the 2009 meeting of the Theory and Modelling working group the current status of modelling for na-noscale information processing and(More)
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