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We study the possibility for a global unitary applied on an arbitrary number of qubits to be decomposed in a sequential unitary procedure, where an ancillary system is allowed to interact only once with each qubit. We prove that sequential unitary decompositions are in general impossible for genuine entangling operations, even with an infinite-dimensional(More)
Not all unitary operations upon a set of qubits can be implemented by sequential interactions between each qubit and an ancillary system. We analyze the specific case of sequential quantum cloning, 1-->M, and prove that the minimal dimension D of the ancilla grows linearly with the number of clones M. In particular, we obtain D=2M for symmetric universal(More)
The combined application of Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and Cluster Analysis to the automatic smoothing of raw kinematic signals is an alternative to the use of traditional digital filtering and spline based methods. SSA is a non parametric technique that decomposes original time series into a number of additive time series each of which can be easily(More)
The work described in this article consists of the development of a simulation model in an Arena environment, based on a real case, and is aimed at a very specific class of production lines, with a four closed-loop network configuration. The purpose of the use of an Arena simulation environment was that of enabling the production engineer to evaluate the(More)