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We will present the analysis of a Spanish prosody database by estimating the parameters of Fujisaki's model for FO contours. These parameters are classified attending to linguistic features and they form the analysis database. When synthesizing FO contours we extract the linguistic features from the text and perform a k-Nearest Neighbour search. Linguistic(More)
The role of working memory in mental arithmetic a quarter of century after Hitch Abstract Since Hitch (1978) published the first study on the role of working memory in mental arithmetic, the work in this field has markedly increased. Many of these studies have analysed only one subsystem. However, our aim is to identify which of three working memory(More)
This study analyses if it is possible to train children's working memory, since this would have important applications for school achievement. In the first part, nine working memory test were administered to a sample of fifty 7-8 year old children. In the second part, the sample was subdivided into two groups of twenty-five children: the experimental group(More)
la resposta del canal visual T (cromàtic Roig-Verd) L'avantage del perímetre d'ATD, amb relació a les altres classes de perímetres, és que es pot analitzar el CSF dins 21 punts diferents de retina (incloent fòvea), en els tres canals visuals (A, T i D). RESULTATS I CONCLUSIONS: Finalment verifiquem la repeatibilitat intraobservador i interobservador, hem(More)
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