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In practice, a significant amount of power is spent for processing of transmission and reception of information in wireless sensor network (WSN). The variant rate of depletion of power in the sensing devices can hamper the network's efficient operation and therefore its lifetime. There are normally, in practical systems, certain considerations taken at each(More)
This paper is based on designing a low cost coal mine underground drainage pump monitoring and controlling system based on 32-bit microcontroller i.e. ARM7 and touch screen. By using a touch screen device the human machine interface will become more user-friendly. A graphical LCD will be used to display the parameters on the screen which can be analysed and(More)
The paper aims to investigate how humans deal with unstable objects under the possibility of choosing different strategy of interaction. The presented task consisted in balancing a 1 degree of freedom (DoF) elastic inverted pendulum by means of 2 DoF of the wrist (fexion/extension and pronation/supination). The pendulum was simulated using a virtual(More)
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