D. Saha

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—The growing popularity of wireless network has prompted the service providers to look for appropriate ways to meet the demand while recovering the invested capital. This calls for a good revenue model, where pricing of services plays an important role. This paper investigates the performance of smart market based pricing models for wireless network(More)
In practice, a significant amount of power is spent for processing of transmission and reception of information in wireless sensor network (WSN). The variant rate of depletion of power in the sensing devices can hamper the network's efficient operation and therefore its lifetime. There are normally, in practical systems, certain considerations taken at each(More)
A disaster management strategy may be divided into two sequential phases, namely, pre-disaster management and post-disaster management. Prior to a disaster, management activities are pre-disaster planning, and disaster prediction. A good disaster prediction technique plays a crucial role in an efficient mitigation of disasters such as flood. In this paper,(More)
Reversible logic has become one of the most promising research areas in the past few decades and has found its applications in several technologies; such as low power CMOS, nanotechnology and optical computing. The main purposes of designing reversible logic are to decrease quantum cost, depth of the circuits and the number of garbage outputs. The purpose(More)
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