D. S. Yadav

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The applications like situation assessment, object tracking, trading & stock control, and workflow management require actions to be taken in stringent time frame for full benefit of the system. These applications also require identifying the occurrence of desired event, to take appropriate action when an event of interest is found to have occurred while(More)
Cases presenting with recurrent confusion, alteration of psychomotor activity, and brief psychosis with good inter-episode recovery have many differing etiologies. Only rarely does one diagnose such cases as cycloid psychosis. Even among budding psychiatrists, there seems to be a lack of awareness of this unique disorder. This may be because the present(More)
Active database management systems (ADBMS) are used in different application domains and especially for cooperative and long duration activity management. This paper deals with performance analysis of long-lived cooperative transaction processing in an ADBMS. We first briefly discuss NP-QuadLock – a concurrency control scheme for cooperative and long(More)
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