D. S. Yadav

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A comparative study of Taxodium distichum (L.) Rich. and Taxodium mucronatum Ten. was carried out on the basis of pollen morphology and wood anatomy by light and scanning electron microscopy. We describe a detailed analysis of the anatomical characteristics of the wood, including the tracheids, ray parenchyma, axial parenchyma and number of cross-field(More)
Active database management systems (ADBMS) are used in different application domains and especially for cooperative and long duration activity management. This paper deals with performance analysis of long-lived cooperative transaction processing in an ADBMS. We first briefly discuss NP-QuadLock – a concurrency control scheme for cooperative and long(More)
A comparative study of Taxus wallichiana Zucc., Cephalotaxus mannii Hook. and Cephalotaxus griffithii Hook. of two families Taxaceae and Cephalotaxaceae has been carried out in detail to support the taxonomic existence of two families. The comparative studies have been carried out on the basis of wood anatomy and palynology. The anatomical properties of(More)
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