D. S. V. G. K. Kaladhar

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The protein superfamily classification problem, which consists of determining the superfamily membership of a given unknown protein sequence, is very important for a biologist for many practical reasons, such as drug discovery, prediction of molecular function and medical diagnosis. In this work, we propose a new approach for protein classification based on(More)
212 Abstract— Diagnosis of the Parkinson disease through machine learning approache provides better understanding from PD dataset in the present decade. Orange v2.0b and weka v3.4.10 has been used in the present experimentation for the statistical analysis, classification, Evaluation and unsupervised learning methods. Voice dataset for Parkinson disease has(More)
Machine learning and pattern recognition contains well-defined algorithms with the help of complex data, provides the accuracy of the traffic levels, heavy traffic hours within a cluster. In this paper the base stations and also the noise levels in the busy hour can be predicted. J48 pruned tree contains 23 nodes with busy traffic hour provided in east(More)
Proteins are key biological molecules with diverse functions. With newer technologies producing more data (genomics, proteomics) than can be annotated manually, in silico methods of predicting their structure and thereafter their function has been christened the Holy Grail of structural bioinformatics. Successful secondary structure prediction provides a(More)
Mobile network analysis has a huge potential that provide insight into the relational dynamics of individuals. Machine learning and data mining techniques provide the behavior patterns of the mobile network data. The data transfer during all the days has produced good results in transfer of data starting from Day 1 to Day 22. Hierarch ical clustering of the(More)
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