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In order to give the book under review the right appreciation it is necessary to first say a few words about its predecessor, the monograph A Compendium of Continuous Lattices which was published by the same six authors in 1980. The Compendium, as it is commonly called, contains a rather complete and very readable account of the theory of continuous(More)
To better understand the factors that support or inhibit internally focused change, we conducted an inductive study of one firm's attempt to improve two of its core business processes. Our data suggest that the critical determinants of success in efforts to learn and improve are the interactions between managers' attributions about the cause of poor(More)
BACKGROUND Paclitaxel can inhibit vascular smooth muscle proliferation in vitro, and early studies suggest that paclitaxel may be useful in preventing restenosis. Early and late intimal growth and local vascular pathological changes associated with paclitaxel delivered via stents have not been fully explored. METHODS AND RESULTS Localized drug delivery(More)
This report describes a new method for analysing eye movement records during free viewing. The proposed new measures originate from a categorisation of saccade directions. The proportion of each categorised direction and the transition matrix of each two successive categorised directions are then calculated. These new measures are proposed as objective(More)
The submaximal effort tourniquet test has been widely used to evaluate experimental and chronic pain; however, there has been great variation in the manner in which the test has been applied. The present study systemitically evaluates how different levels of exercise duration and effort affect subjects' report of pain. The data indicate the following: (1)(More)
Thirty healthy volunteers were assigned to one of the following two conditions: (1) hyperactivate the lateral pterygoid muscles by vigorously thrusting their mandible forward for 5 min, or (2) a non-exercise control condition. Subjects who protruded their mandible reported significantly more pain than control subjects. This pain was located in the immediate(More)
The experiment was designed to determine whether specific cognitive strategies are effective in reducing pain. Subjects were tested either on cold pain or pressure pain. Although the cognitive strategies did not significantly alter pain tolerance or pain intensity, the following four findings emerged: (a) males and females responded in a similar manner to(More)
All previous reports on the phenomenon of flashbulb memories relate to hearing of shocking (or "bad") news: in other words, that of negative affect. This study represents the first attempt to investigate whether those criteria used to define flashbulb memories would similarly apply to events of similar strength but of positive affect. 70 questionnaires were(More)
Partial equivalence relations (and categories of these) are a standard tool in semantics of type theories and programming languages, since they often provide a cartesian closed category with extended defin-ability. Using the theory of exact categories, we give a category-theoretic explanation of why the construction of a category of partial equivalence(More)
The 26 chronic pain patients were tested in a baseline plus cross-over design. Half of the subjects were first treated with high intensity acupuncture; then they were treated with low intensity acupuncture. For the other 13 subjects the treatment order was reversed. In the first treatment sequence subjects reported lower pain estimates and engaging in more(More)