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A computer-administered memory test was given to normal subjects instructed to feign brain damage, normal controls, and traumatic brain-injured (TBI) patients with complaints of memory dysfunction. The test, a revised version of an instrument developed by Hiscock and Hiscock (1989) employed forced, two-choice recognition of previously presented five-digit(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the specificity of an absorbed enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit for Johne's disease (JD) when used in mature cattle populations resident in northern Australia. DESIGN Blood samples were collected from beef cattle in northern Queensland, the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia, and from dairy cattle in northern(More)
The prevalence of salmonellas in captive Crocodylus porosus and C. johnstoni was investigated at 2 Northern Territory crocodile farms. Similar proportions of each species at one farm (20.0 and 27.8% for C. porosus and C. johnstoni, respectively) carried salmonellas, but at the other farm there was a significant difference between the 2 species (81.0 and(More)
Two field trials using an injectable vitamin A, D and E solution conducted in the pastoral environment of northern Australia are described. It was found that treatment of lighter (< 150 kg) or heavier (> 372 kg) weight cattle did not reduce weight loss during road transport. These findings contradict anecdotal evidence of reduced weight loss during(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether hydatidosis occurs in cattle bred in the northern region of the Northern Territory. DESIGN A survey utilising two stage sampling was designed to provide 95% confidence of detecting hydatids in cattle with a herd prevalence of 10% and animal prevalence of 10%. PROCEDURE For a 1 year abattoir killing season, lesions from the(More)
The first high quality, YBaZCu,O,., thin films have been produced by MOCVD using the novel fluorinated and non-fluorinated precursors, [ ~ a ( ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ) ~ . t e t r a ~ l y m e ] ' , [Cu(TDFND)?] and [Y(TMHD),.~-'BUP~NO]' and the traditional 8-diketonate complexes [~(TMHD),]' and [Cu(TMHD)J. The novel precursors are thermally stable and highly volatile.(More)
Seven subtests from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Revised as a Neuropsychological Instrument (WAIS-R NI) were administered to 20 nonreferred university students. The same participants were administered the corresponding subtests from the WAIS-R 3 to 4 weeks later. Data concerning amount and consistency of change in 'scaled scores' were compared to(More)
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