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The main-chain bond lengths and bond angles of protein structures are analysed as a function of resolution. Neither the means nor standard deviations of these parameters show any correlation with resolution over the resolution range investigated. This is as might be expected as bond lengths and bond angles are likely to be heavily influenced by the(More)
The free R factor is used routinely as a cross-validation tool in macromolecular crystallography. However, without any means of deriving quantitative estimates of its expected value and variance, its application has been rather subjective and its usefulness therefore somewhat limited. In the first part of this series, estimates of the expected value of the(More)
Faster workstations with larger memories are making error estimation from full-matrix least-squares refinement a more practicable technique in protein crystallography. Using minimum variance weighting, estimated standard deviations of atomic positions have been calculated for two eye lens proteins from the inverse of a least-squares normal matrix which was(More)
26. The least-squares superposition of backbone ␣ carbons corresponding to the RNA binding region of the bound M domain (E. coli residues 376 to 421), Ther-mus aquaticus [Protein Data Bank (PDB) accession number 2ffh], and human M domain (1QB2) were performed with LSQMAN [G. The backbone root mean square deviation (rmsd) between the E. coli and T. aquaticus(More)
An object-oriented class library, designed for use in bioinformatics and molecular modeling is being developed at Birkbeck College. Although the library is not targeted directly at crystallographers, the methods provided are useful to anyone analyzing molecular structures and sequences. The library can be used to convert a Protein Data Bank (PDB) format(More)
Refinements of a macromolecule (ribonuclease-A) based on structure amplitudes, magnitude of F, and structure amplitude squares, magnitude of F2, were carried out and the results compared. Although the conventional R values are higher for the magnitude of F2 refinement, positional parameters from both types of refinement were not significantly different.(More)
1 Intracranial involvement with histiocytosis is usually limited to the hypothalamus and associated with extensive extracra-nial disease. We report the CT and MR findings in a patient with biopsy-proved histiocytosis presenting as multifocal in-tracranial involvement without any systemic disease. While extrahypothalamic CNS involvement by histiocytosis is(More)
  • B Gorinsky, C Horsburgh, P F Lindley, D S Moss, M Parkar, J L Watson
  • 1979
Plasma transferrin is involved in iron transport within the circulatory system of vertebrates, and provides an iron source for haemoglobin synthesis and other metabolic requirements. However, despite extensive studies by spectroscopic, biochemical and physiological techniques, the nature of iron binding and the mechanisms of uptake and release of iron are(More)
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