D S Mierzwiak

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WILDENTHAL, KERN, DONALD S. MIERZWIAK, N. SHELDON SKINNER, JR., AND JERE H. MITCHELL. Potassium-induced cardiovascular and ventilatory reflexes from the dog hindlimb. Am. J. Physiol. 215(3) : 542-548. 1968.-Although electrical stimulation of afferent nerve fibers from the limbs is known to induce reflex cardiovascular and ventilatory changes similar to the(More)
The effect on left ventricular performance of electrical stimulation of the cut central end of the quadriceps nerve was studied in open-chest dogs. Stimulation of the nerve at 2 to 4 times threshold for the flexion reflex, which presumably activated intermediate-sized afferent fibers, caused a decrease in heart rate and arterial pressure. Stimulation at 5(More)
This study correlated levels of activated fibrinolysis with the presence, extent, and rate of resolution of angiographically documented pulmonary emboli. Pulmonary emboli demonstrable by angiography were associated with detectable fibrin split products in the serum of 24 of 25 patients. In the absence of increased fibrin split products, pulmonary emboli(More)