D. S. McManamny

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We report the successful use of tissue expansion in the lower limbs of five children and one young adult. It was possible to replace dense adherent skin grafts by expanded skin and subcutaneous tissue. Such expansion needs to be undertaken slowly, but expanded tissue matches the normal local tissue and has normal sensation. These qualities were particularly(More)
Plastic surgeons are not infrequently required to reduce the size of a large tongue in a child. Macroglossia is one of the main presenting features of the Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome. This comprises a spectrum of disorders that includes a high incidence of malignancy. Patients with this syndrome should be identified and carefully assessed to exclude serious(More)
Treatment of the pregnant woman with melanoma is contentious. With the aid of a computerized melanoma register, in which pregnancy data can be recorded, 290 women with melanoma were reviewed (249 alive and 41 dead). Overall, 23 patients were pregnant at the time of diagnosis of melanoma, and another 23 became pregnant at some time after primary treatment of(More)
A retrospective study of the results of repair of complete divisions of median and ulnar nerves in 31 patients was carried out to compare those operations in which microscope magnification had been used with those in which loupe magnification had been used. A comprehensive set of clinical parameters was applied to assess the patients. It included motor(More)
Successful treatment of congenital and acquired conditions affecting the palate depends on an understanding of its functions. As the floor of the nose, it provides part of the airway, isolating nasal cavity from obstruction by food during mastication, and as the roof of the mouth, it provides a surface against which food may be broken up by the tongue and(More)
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