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The cDNAs encoding nine novel alpha-toxin homologues were isolated from the venom gland cDNA library of the Chinese scorpion Buthus martensii Karsch (BmK). They are rich in AAAA and TTTT elements at the 5' UTRs. The flanking region of the translation initiation codon ATG is AAAATGAA, which is highly conserved in scorpion Na(+), K(+) and Cl(-) channel toxin(More)
Neuroprotection following ischaemic stroke is driven by the interplay between regulatory transcription factors and endogenous protective factors. IRF4, a member of the interferon regulatory factor (IRF) family, is implicated in the survival of tumour cells. However, its role in the survival of normal cells including neurons remains elusive. Using genetic(More)
Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 1 (TRAF1), an adapter in signal transduction, is involved in immunity and in apoptotic processes in various cell types. However, little is known about its function and the molecular mechanism of its activation during liver injury. This study tested the hypothesis that TRAF1 is a mediator of cell injury after(More)
Development and differentiation studies of early human embryos have been severely impeded by general difficulties in obtaining suitable samples. In order to isolate and identify new genes expressed during early human development, we constructed and characterized a PCR-based cDNA library using a 4-week-old chorion-free human embryo. The constructed cDNA(More)
BACKGROUND Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disorder of unknown cause, affecting multiple organs. Tuberculosis is the world's second most common cause of death from infectious diseases. Due to the similar clinical, radiological and histopathological pictures in sarcoidosis and tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been considered as potential(More)
With the aim of identifying genes involved in early human embryonic development, we have isolated a cDNA clone representing a novel human zinc finger gene ZNF268 from 3 week old human embryo cDNA library using a differential hybridization strategy. The complete cDNA sequence of ZNF268 contained an open reading frame of 2841 nucleotides that encodes a 947(More)
From a cDNA library made from venom glands of Chinese scorpions of Buthus martensii Karsch, full-length cDNAs encoding precursors of two venom peptides have been isolated using a cDNA probe synthesized by polymerase chain reaction. Sequence analysis of the cDNAs revealed that one encoded precursor was 85 amino acid residues long including a signal peptide(More)
In order to isolate novel genes related to early human embryo development and differentiation, a directional cDNA library was constructed from 3-week-old human embryo. Single-pass DNA sequence analysis was used to sequence 47 randomly picked low-abundance cDNA clones. This approach led us to select a clone, L30, showing significant homology with the(More)
  • L Gao, D Jiang
  • Hunan yi ke da xue xue bao = Hunan yike daxue…
  • 1999
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the immunogenicity of retina. METHODS DBA/2 mice (MHCH-2d) were used as donors, C57BL/6 mice (MHC H-2d) or BALB/C mice (MHC H-2d) as recipients. Half retina of DBA/2 mouse was transplanted subcutaneously to a C57BL/6 or BALB/C mouse. The delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) and specific killing rate of cytotoxic T lymphocyte(CTL) were(More)