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The ferromagnetism in many carbon nanostructures is attributed to carbon dangling bonds or vacancies. This provides opportunities to develop new functional materials, such as molecular and polymeric ferromagnets and organic spintronic materials, without magnetic elements (for example, 3d and 4f metals). Here we report the observation of room temperature(More)
OBJECTIVE We wished to test whether glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) stimulates proliferation of gliomas by up-regulating expression of nuclear cyclins PCNA and Ki37. MATERIALS AND METHODS As a model, we tested rat C6 glioma cell line exposed to basal conditions, vehicle control, or exogenous GDNF at different concentrations (0-90 µg/L)(More)
A new method was introduced here to prepare methyl ester of aliphatic acid under irradiation of ultraviolet. Analysis was performed for the MS spectra of 19 products, by which Mclafferty rearrangements were discussed of methyl ester of aliphatic acid with two kinds of gamma-H in details. The regularity of Mclafferty rearrangement was established for the(More)
Hemolysin is an important pathogenic agent of Edwardsiella tarda (ET). A fragment containing hemolytic gene, of which sequence is 4,264 bp, was cloned from ET-12 chromosome by shutgun method. It has no similarity to the hemolysin genes reported, of which 424 bp of open read frame (ORF) 3 has 68% similarity to the hemolysin regulatory gene of S. typhi(More)
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