D.-S. Ding

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1. M. Ringbauer et al., Nat. Phys. 11, 249–254 (2015). 2. S. Garnerone, P. Zanardi, D. A. Lidar, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 230506 (2012). 3. T. Calarco, P. Grangier, A. Wallraff, P. Zoller, Nat. Phys. 4, 2–3 (2008). 4. B. Sanguinetti, A. Martin, H. Zbinden, N. Gisin, Phys. Rev. X 4, 031056 (2014). 5. See, for example,(More)
(001) textured PbTiO 3 thin films have been deposited on (001) redoping n-Si substrates by metalorgnic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) under reduced pressure, and the film ferroelectricity has been measured using the substrate as bottom electrode directly. Besides this investigation, a set of analysis including AFM surface morphology, SEM cross section(More)
We propose a linear compression technique for the time interval distribution of photon pairs. Using a partially frequency-entangled two-photon (TP) state with appropriate mean time width, the compressed TP time interval width can be kept in the minimum limit set by the phase modulation, and is independent of its initial width. As a result of this effect,(More)
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