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The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with vital communication concepts and tools to assist in preparing for and responding to a severe influenza pandemic in the United States. The focus of the book is on the possibility of a severe pandemic. Although the concepts do apply to less intense public health challenges, they may not need to be(More)
Wayne Hall Does a lack of specificity rule out a causal relationship between cannabis use and schizophrenia?. Martin Frisher The science and politics of cannabis, drugs and schizophrenia-Commentary on: Cannabis causes schizophrenia? So does nicotine………………………………..609 Smoking cessation in college-aged women: A qualitative analysis of factors important to this(More)
This article provides a summary of effectiveness research on the costs of including family therapy in mental health services. Data was available from four different sources: (1) a large western Health Maintenance Organization with 180,000 subscribers in the local Utah region; (2) the Medicaid system of the entire State of Kansas in the United States; (3) a(More)
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