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We overview our recent results on spatio-spectral control, diffraction management, broadband switching, and self-trapping of poly-chromatic light in periodic photonic lattices in the form of rainbow gap solitons, polychromatic surface waves, and multigap color breathers. We show that an interplay of wave scattering from a periodic structure and interaction(More)
We study theoretically and observe experimentally poly-chromatic gap solitons generated by supercontinuum light in an array of optical waveguides. The solitons are formed through a sharp transition from diffraction-induced broadening and color separation to the simultaneous spatio-spectral localization of supercontinuum light inside the photonic bandgap(More)
Medical educators with broad expertise across the domains of learning theory, teaching, program design, assessment, and education scholarship are essential to medical schools and graduate medical education programs. Currently, no standard postgraduate training model (like those available for each medical specialty) exists for residency graduates to attain(More)
BACKGROUND Fever in patients can provide an important clue to the etiology of a patient's symptoms. Non-invasive temperature sites (oral, axillary, temporal) may be insensitive due to a variety of factors. This has not been well studied in adult emergency department patients. To determine whether emergency department triage temperatures detected fever(More)
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