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4 1 Industrial research chair in energy and energy efficiency, École de technologie supérieure; mostafa@t3e.info 2 Industrial research chair in energy and energy efficiency, École de technologie supérieure; guillermo@t3e.info 3 Industrial research chair in energy and energy efficiency, École de technologie supérieure; yvan@t3e.info 4 Industrial research(More)
—Energy storage components improve the energy efficiency of systems by reducing the mismatch between supply and demand. For this purpose, phase change materials are particularly attractive since they provide a high energy storage density at a constant temperature which corresponds to the phase transition temperature of the material. Nevertheless, the(More)
—This study deals with electromagnetic braking of free-convective flows in cavities similar to those used in the crystal growth horizontal Bridgman configuration. The cavities are filled with dilute electrically conducting alloy, with a low Prandtl number, and subjected to an horizontal gradient of temperature. The flow is steady and laminar under an(More)
The aim of this paper is to present the benefits of the use of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the deployment of a micro-grid supplied by hybrid energy system in remote sites and unconnected grids. A microgrid, based in the experimental test site of TechnoCentre éolien (TCE) at Riviere-au-Renard (Québec), and(More)
This paper shows the results of the TRNSYS modeling and simulation of a solar absorption cooling system under the weather conditions of Guayaquil, Ecuador in order to partially satisfy the thermal demand of an office building. The maximum hourly thermal load reaches 153 kW. The proposed model utilizes evacuated tube collectors, a LiBr-H<sub>2</sub>O single(More)
a a Technologies of energy and energy efficiency industrial research chair (t3e), Abstract In this paper, the thermal efficiency of a solar air collector called unglazed transpired collector (UTC) has been investigated both experimentally and numerically (CFD). Experimental measurements included the following variables: the temperatures of the air entering(More)
Industries and institutions are more and more prone to be equipped with servers to control all required computational and communication tasks. In many cases where the computational requirements of tasks or where data management are enormous, the need for proper configuration of the server cabinets is important to optimize cooling mechanisms and to improve(More)
It is often claimed that the cheapest energy is the one you do not need to produce. Nevertheless, this claim could somehow be unsubstantiated. In this article, the authors try to shed some light on this issue by using the concept of energy return on investment (EROI) as a yardstick. This choice brings semantic issues because in this paper the EROI is used(More)
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