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BACKGROUND Anti-tumour necrosis factors (anti-TNF) are more and more used, but the rate of skin adverse events is not known. OBJECTIVE The aim was to assess the number of skin infections and other dermatoses in patients treated with anti-TNFalpha. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred eighty-seven patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing(More)
A sixty-four year-old woman was admitted for chronic diarrhea with severe weight loss. Investigations showed hepatomegaly, positive serologic tests for syphilis, and nephrotic syndrome with proteinuria. Anasarca occurred and the patient died shortly after admission. Necropsy showed sclero-gummatous hepatic syphilis, generalized amyloïdosis and ulcerative(More)
Invasion of the central nervous system by the larvae of Tenia Solium classically leads to severe illness. In some instances, however, the course is protracted and benign. The authors report on two patients with cysticercosis cerebri, revealed by delayed seizures without cerebral hypertension or any other manifestation. Computerized tomography established(More)
A young Protugese man, who had never travelled outside of Europe, was found to have a bacterial complication of a fibroplastic endocarditis. The onset was by a spontaneous chest pain, associated with a posterolatero-apical subepicardial ischemia and giant T waves in V3, V4, and calcification in the apex of the heart on radiography. Diagnosis was confirmed(More)
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