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Following reports of increased mortality in the small ruminant population of the Sahrawi territories, western Algeria, between January and May 2010, local veterinary authorities suspected an outbreak of peste des petits ruminants (PPR). An investigation was implemented in May 2010 and followed up in October 2010 in the Sahrawi refugee camps, Tindouf(More)
We report a rare case of left paraduodenal hernia in patient with symptoms of abdominal subobstruction treated successful with laparoscopic management in urgent situation that have reduced the length of stay and postoperative pain. Internal hernia is only 1% of the causes of abdominal obstruction and the left paraduodenal hernia about 50% of them; it is a(More)
Adhesions small bowel obstructions (aSBO) are among the leading causes of emergency operative intervention. About the 80% of aSBO cases resolve without a surgical treatment. It's important to identify which patients could undergo a conservative treatment to prevent an useless surgery The aim of this study is to determine findings that can indicate whether(More)
The aim of the article is showing a particular case of midgut nonrotation. It is a congenital defect of the bowel development, during which fails the rotation of 270° around the vascular pedicle. This anomaly causes a different intestinal arrangement: the small bowel is located in the right side of abdominal cavity while the large bowel is situated in the(More)
Liver is frequently involved and injured in blunt abdominal trauma. Although over the last three decades the management of blunt hepatic trauma has gradually shifted toward nonoperative approach whit a significant reduction in overall mortality, surgery remains the main option for hemodinamically unstable patients whit severe liver injuries. A 16-yr-old(More)