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Word-position-independent and word-position dependent n-gram probabilities were estimated from a large English language corpus. A text-recognition problem was simulated, and using the estimated n-gram probabilities, four experiments were conducted by the following methods of classification: without contextual information, Raviv's recursive Bayes algorithm,(More)
Flowering plants possess mechanisms that stimulate positive emotional and social responses in humans. It is difficult to establish when people started to use flowers in public and ceremonial events because of the scarcity of relevant evidence in the archaeological record. We report on uniquely preserved 13,700-11,700-y-old grave linings made of flowers,(More)
Ab stract It has been sug gested since the be gin ning of pre his toric re search in the Lev ant, that the Natufians used stone mor tars for the pro cess ing of ce re als and/or other veg e tal re sources, though di rect ev i dence is still lack ing. A re cent de tailed study of more than 100 bed rock mor tars and cupmarks in di cates that, a) they are(More)
  • NAHAL GALIMNAHAL, ORNIT PRE, +5 authors Sagi Filin
  • 2012
Ab stract A pre lim i nary sur vey on the slopes of Nahal Galim and its trib u tary, Nahal Ornit (Mt. Car mel, Is rael), shows that local high-qual ity flint out crops were in ten sively used for flint quar ry ing and tool pro duc tion at least since the Mid dle Palaeo lithic. The pa per of fers ini tial ob ser va tions re gard ing the ge ol ogy, geo mor(More)
The beginning of metallurgy in the ancient Near East attracts much attention. The southern Levant, with the rich assemblage of copper artifacts from the Nahal Mishmar cave and the unique gold rings of the Nahal Qanah cave, is regarded as a main center of early metallurgy during the second half of the 5th millennium CalBC. However, a recently discovered(More)
After a strong electric bias field is applied to the polyester glass Mylar at temperatures in the mK range, its dielectric constant increases and then decays logarithmically in time. We observed its dielectric response for several temperatures and different field sweeps. Starting from the dipole gap theory, we developed a model suggesting that the change in(More)
At temperatures below 1 K, the capacitance of a glass sample changes due to the application of a dc field in accordance with Burin's dipole gap theory [J. Low Temp. Phys. 100, 309 (1995)]]. However, we now report that below 20 mK, during the first sweep cycle of the dc electric field, the capacitance is smaller by about 10(-5) compared to any subsequent(More)
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