D. Rodríguez

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Intelligent tutoring systems are computer programs that aim at providing personalized instruction to students. In recent years, conversational robots, usually known as chatterbots, become very popular in the Internet, and ALICE (artificial linguistic internet computer entity) is probably the most popular one. ALICE brain is written in AIML (artificial(More)
This paper reports the synthesis of silver nanoparticles coated with porous silica (Ag@Silica NPs) using an assisted laser ablation method. This method is a chemical synthesis where one of the reagents (the reducer agent) is introduced in nanometer form by laser ablation of a solid target submerged in an aqueous solution. In a first step, a silicon wafer(More)
Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques within Learning Management Systems (LMS) represent a little explored field of research. We use this paper to show how these techniques can help students as well as tutors across the learning process within an open source e-learning platform. Especially, we present T-BOT and Q-BOT, a couple of chatter(More)
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