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The CrossGrid international distributed testbed will share resources across fifteen European sites, to run interactive applications, and is one of the challenging points of the CrossGrid project. The sites list ranges from relatively small computing facilities in universities, to large computing centers, so offering an ideal mixture to test the(More)
When higher court judges attempt to assert control over lower-court decision-making, do such hierarchical politics shape legal doctrine? Using a " case-space " model of choice between determinate doctrines (rules) and more flexible doctrines (standards), I argue that the structure of doctrine affects the application of and compliance with doctrine by lower(More)
Stripping techniques combined with an adequate replication policy across the Grid offers the possibility to improve significatively data access and processing times, while eliminating the need for local data mirroring, so saving significatively on storage costs. First results on a local cluster following a simple strategy are presented.
An advanced steady state semiconductor laser model is used to analyse the characteristics of high power laser diodes used for pumping erbium doped amplifiers. The laser model solves the bipolar current continuity equations in the bulk and quantum well regions, the thermal conduction equation and the optical wave equation in the travelling wave approximation(More)
M. Abdelazizm Mohamed P. Acevedo D. Albach E. Albertini R. Alia G. A. Allen L. Aona M. Appelhans B. Appezzato S. Arndt E. Austen J. Bachelier H. Ballard A. M. Banaei Moghaddam K. Bardy J. Batley A. Baumel M. Beilstein A. Bello V. Bittrich S. Blackmore F. Blattner M. Bog T. Brown S. Bruun-Lund W. Buck P. Bures M. T. Buril S. Buzato J. Byng L. Carlon R.(More)
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