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This paper presents the design and mechanical features of a functional self-adaptive, multi fingered prosthetic hand that improves upon current prosthetic hands. Commercially available hand prostheses, though functional, have limitations such as weight, as result of vast numbers of parts, intricate mechanisms requiring constant maintenance as well as the(More)
Network traffic is known to present fractal characteristics such as LRD, which can be efficiently measured with wavelet transforms. Current methods of estimation of fractal parameters, such as the LogScale diagram, are not able to track the changes of the parameters. This paper proposes and studies the combined use of wavelet transforms (DWT, MODWT, DTWT)(More)
Stroke affects 700,000 Americans per year resulting in the largest cause of long-term disability in the United States. Dropfoot is a common condition associated with residual disabilities of stokes and is characterized as a paralysis or weakness of the dorsiflexor muscles of the foot and ankle. The result is an abnormal gait cycle caused by the dragging of(More)
This paper presents and describes the development of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) automatic guidance and control system (AG&CS) stimulation and the implementation of physical time delays into said system. This platform will provide valuable information regarding flight critical systems and how their inherent response lags may affect the stability of the(More)
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